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Sectoral Skills and Projects

Organization Development

  • OD Intervention
  • OCA Process

OD Intervention:

Enabling NGOs those work in the area of rights and advocacy to develop as institutions by establishing clarity and making decisions on their identity, role, vision, mission, approach, long term objectives and organization structure, culture and policies through a participatory process

The organizational development exercise spreads over a period, involved entering the organization, interacting with key participants and stakeholders of the organization both formally and informally, diagnosing issues facing the organization and a mirroring exercise with the management at the end of the intervention to provide feedback.

We also offer reflections on the key lessons learnt during the process of intervention, with implications for OD in developmental organizations.

OCA Process

Organization Capacity Assessment (OCA) comprises of an in-depth analysis of an organization’s internal governance, management, programmes, policies, and linkages, with respect to relevance and effectiveness, to deduct recommendations for better organizational strategies and synergy.