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Centre for Management Development (CMD) is a leading development sector consulting agency offering services in various thematic areas. Promoted by established practitioners and sector experts, CMD has experts covering a wide range of multi-disciplinary practice areas including Demography, Economics, Sociology, Management, Public Health Management, Public Policy and various other disciplines of Social Sciences.

The centre undertakes research and consultancy work in various sectors of development including Water, sanitation and Hygiene, Livelihood, Natural Resources Management, health and population development. It has also two specialized wings: one is Centre for Agri-business Management and the other is Centre for Health and Population Studies.

CMD has been working with several government agencies, international donor agencies, CSR wings and private firms making it a leading development sector consultancy organisation in South Asia. With offices across India, Bangladesh and United Kingdom, CMD brings with it a rare mix of international and regional expertise. It has a multi-disciplinary team of experts who have substantial relevant experience and knowledge of ground level realities, problems and issues in the different parts of the world.