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Sectoral Skills and Projects

Health Care and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR):

  • Monitoring & Evaluation- Studies
  • Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Training & Capacity Development

Monitoring & Evaluation - Studies

  • Concurrent Evaluation of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)(Round-1) Chhattisgarh (4 districts)-2010-11- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
  • Concurrent Evaluation of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)(Round-1) Orissa (9 distrcts)- 2010-11- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
  • External Evaluation of Integrated Community Health Programme, Mayurbhanj, 2008-9, EC, Lepra
  • Documentation of Best Community Development Practices on Eye Health Care and Services in India- 2012, SSI
  • Role of Private Medical Practitioners in TB Control-EC-Lepra Society
  • Sexual Health Behaviour of Migrant Workers from Orissa in selected Cities of India - 2011
  • A study on the effectiveness of targeted Social Marketing to Promote Adolescent and young adult Reproductive Health-2007
  • Defaulter analysis among tuberculosis (TB) patientsin Orissa: Searching for Solutions- 2006
  • Impact Evaluation Study of National Leprosy Eradication Programme-2005
  • Strategy of Phasing Over of Title II Food Aid Programme in India- USAID-CRS, 2007
  • A study on Nutritionally Vulnerable Households of Urban Slum Dwellers in Odisha-2001
  • Impact Evaluation of Title II Food Aid programme on Health and Nutrition Status on Rural Poor in India, 2007-CRS
  • A strategic Research to identify space for visually impaired persons in Community Based Health Schemes-2008-9-Sight Saver International
  • Rigorous Impact Evaluation of the implementation of PNDT Act on the Extent of reducing Selective Termination of Pregnancy in Urban & Rural areas in 3 selected Indian States-2009
  • A study on Health problems of Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances : Rag-pickers and Street Children of 10 Municipal Towns of Orissa-2010
  • Occupational Diseases among Child Labour : A Study Report-2012
  • A Study on Adolescent sexuality in Orissa : Cultural norms and Contemporary behavior-2010
  • Acceptability of insecticide treated net in tribal areas of Orissa: A Study on users’ response towards a Marketing Proposition -2009
  • Independent Researcher for a Strategy to improve Health situation of Salt Producers in Rann of Kutchh

Randomized Controlled Trials

CMD has expertise in evaluating Public health interventions using cluster-randomised controlled trials (CRCTs)

  • Impact of improved treatment of sexually transmitted diseases on HIV infection: randomized controlled trial
  • Evaluation of community level interventions to address social and structural determinants of health: a cluster randomized controlled trial
  • Cluster-randomized controlled trial of community mobilization in slums to improve care during pregnancy, delivery, postpartum and for the newborn
  • Effect of community-based newborn-care intervention package implemented through two service-delivery strategies: a cluster-randomized controlled trial.
  • Effect of community-based behaviour change management on neonatal mortality: a cluster-randomized controlled trial
  • Effect of a participatory intervention with women's groups on birth outcomes: cluster-randomized controlled trial
  • A cluster randomized controlled trial of the community effectiveness of two interventions to improve health care and to reduce maternal, newborn and infant mortality. 

Training & Capacity Development Activities:

  • Trainers training on Teaching Safer Sex to youths and young adults
  • Trainers training to conduct Sexuality Education Program for Girls for Grades 7-12 including life skills education, Puberty & Reproduction, MHM, Sexuality & Relationships
  • Trainers training on teaching Abstinence, Contraception, and Sexual Health Training on Community Behavioral Health Services for Community Health Services providers
  • Training of HIV social service providers—social workers, case managers, nurses, benefits counselors, and mental health providers—who are working with the psychosocial issues arising out of the HIV treatment
  • Training of HIV Prevention and Care providers working with HIV-positive clients on Mental Health dynamics and Living with HIV (managing underlying emotional distress, loss of control and uncertainty)
  • Training of HIV counselors on Human Sexuality and HIV Prevention Strategies for Youth
  • HIV Prevention Counselor Training for HIV counselors
  • Counseling Risk Assessment and Disclosure Training