• Dr. Debasis Kumar
  • 91-9711481708

Indigenous People Initiatives & Climate Change

  • Climate Change
  • Capacity Development

Climate Change:

  • Working on the key issues facing indigenous peoples in the context of climate change, including rights and barriers to adaptation and mitigation, and what prevents indigenous peoples from responding and adapting to climate change, supported by India Water Partnership
  • Document best practices and lessons that can influence climate change interventions to have positive impacts on indigenous peoples & facilitate dissemination of relevant research, information and documentation to indigenous peoples and partners;
  • The development of Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy: developing Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies for different agro-climatic conditions with focus on the agriculture and forestry sectors since it is felt that that the implementation of adaptation and mitigation measures could have a major impact on these sectors.
  • Develop mechanisms to ensure that information on planned and current mitigation and adaptation schemes is made available to indigenous peoples;
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting of Climate Change Mitigation Projects
  • Vulnerability Study

Capacity Building:

  • Research on indigenous peoples' participation in local government.
  • Building capacity of the indigenous people to adapt to, and mitigate climate change in order to contribute to environmental sustainability and poverty reduction
  • Support indigenous people own initiatives to develop mechanisms on how to cope, adapt or mitigate the effects of climate change on their livelihoods and environments.
  • Document legal and institutional barriers that prevent indigenous peoples from coping with climate change impacts;
  • Engaging indigenous leaders in constructive dialogue with civil society organizations, especially with indigenous peoples’ organizations, sectors involved in climate change & advocate and lobby governments, institutions, and private sector to accept and adhere to the recommendations of indigenous people and their institutions on mechanisms to cope, adapt or mitigate the effects of climate change on their livelihoods and environments
  • Workshops on Indigenous Knowledge and Biodiversity, Indigenous Affairs, the Forest Peoples Programme and the Theme of Governance, Equity and Rights (TGER)
  • Indigenous Community Organisers and Leadership Trainings (ICOLT): Training and Capacity building of traditional indigenous authorities, grass-roots community organisations and inhabitants (with special emphasis on the role of women)
  • Developing advocacy and lobby strategies aimed at legislative and policy reforms,