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Sectoral Skills and Projects

Livelihood & Natural Resources Management:

  • Major Programmes
  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation

Major Programmes

CMD has been working on programmes fostering

  • Food security, poverty alleviation and climate resilience
  • Livelihood of indigenous people
  • Skill Development Among Youths
  • Village commons
  • Migration and Displacement
  • Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP)
  • Water Security research 

Monitoring & Evaluation - Studies

  • A strategic study on Leveraging the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) for Human Development through inter sectoral convergence to strengthen implementation of NREGS in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, Government of India-2009
  • Documentation of Best Practices in Indo-Swiss natural resources management Project-2005
  • Process Development Research on Human and Institutional Development in NRM Sector-2006
  • Impact Evaluation of Title II Food Aid programme on Health and Nutrition Status on Rural Poor in India, 2007
  • Market Potential Study of Handicraft Products in Orissa with particular emphasis on Languishing crafts, 2012
  • Designing Organisation Structure and System to Sustain and Manage Collective Enterprises Among Women Groups in Tribal Areas, 2008
  • Development Pre-requisites for Collective Enterprises : A Study on Social Mobilization Processes of an NGO
  • Formulation of Non-farm Sector Country Strategy Paper -2000
  • Marketing Study on rural and non-timber forest produce for Strengthening Household Food Security in Tribal Areas of Orissa for some project partners of UNICEF and Action Aid India-2004
  • Strategic Model for Effective Back-ward Linkage for Agri-Based Micro-Enterprises: A Study Report for Tribal Areas in Orissa-2007
  • Impact of Macro Economic Changes on Petty Producers in Farm and Non-farm Sectors-2008
  • Impact Evaluation Study of Livelihood Development Programme for Tribal Communities of Orissa:-2001
  • Impact Evaluation Study of Grain Bank Intervention and other food security measures undertaken in Tribal Areas of Western Orissa, India:-2000
  • Livelihood Analysis and strategy for Farm Women in Western Orissa-2005
  • Market Potential Study of Hill-brooms -2001
  • Market Potential Study of Processed Non-timber Forest Produce-2005
  • Market potential Study of Organic Agricultural Products with marketing strategy-2011
  • Feasibility Study on Production Cum Training Centre on Agri and NTFP based Micro-enterprises-2002
  • Household Responses to poverty and Vulnerability: A Study on Cuttack Slums-2008.