• Dr. Debasis Kumar
  • 91-9711481708

Urban Poverty and Management

Research works:

  • Understanding Environmental Problems in Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods: A study of Urban Slums in Orissa.
  • Reforming Urban Land Policies and Institutions in India: A Review Article
  • Land Use Considerations in Urban Environmental Management: Working Paper
  • Decentralisation and its Implication for Urban Service Delivery: Working Paper
  • Participation and Partnership in Urban Infrastructure Management: Working Paper
  • Policy Programme Options for Urban Poverty Reduction: A Review Article

Displacement and Rehabilitation:

Research works:

  • Economics of Resettlement and Rehabilitation of people affected by urban infrastructure investments: A study report
  • Stakeholder analysis in Rehabilitation Action Plans and Community Environmental Management plans: Working Paper
  • Stake holder’s view of Social Development Fund Component in R&R Project: An Impact Assessment Study.
  • Preparing Community Environmental Development Plans: Critical Input and Issues
  • Towards a comprehensive approach to social and environmental preparation in resettlement and rehabilitation projects: Working paper
  • Involuntary resettlement and compensation issues in R&R projects: An Analytical Paper.
  • Policy Framework for resettlement of Project Affected Persons, Underlying Principles of Resettlement Action Plans: A Study Report